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Whatever backhoe you decide to buy, make sure you get it from a reputable dealer.

The Right Tool For Any Giant-Sized Project — A Backhoe:

Have you ever been busy working around the home, and had to stop because you went to do something and discovered that you didn’t have the right tool? It just goes to show you — if you want to get the job done right, you need the proper tool! And if you have any giant-sized project to do around your home, you will find a backhoe will help you tremendously.

Buy a Backhoe

I know you’re thinking that of all things, you certainly don’t need to purchase a backhoe — after all, you say to yourself, where would I keep it? And how would I ever afford to buy it — they cost thousands and thousands of dollars! But in fact, portable and towable backhoes can be purchased today at a fraction of the cost of their larger cousins. These towable backhoes are lighter and less expensive because they do not include a tractor component. Many homeowners have purchased these towable backhoes — they are very easily moved and positioned — and can be operated by the non-professional.

But if you’re really tight on cash right now and can’t even afford a less expensive towable model, you can rent one. You can rent backhoes from building supply and contractor equipment outlets — whether you need a backhoe for a day or two, or a week or more — and will only have to pay during the time you actually use it. This is a great option for homeowners who may need a backhoe only for a special project or seasonal cleanups.

And don’t think that your backhoe is just for digging holes in the ground. There’s a whole range of additional attachments that you can purchase (or rent) for your backhoe — for example, if you will need to break up some concrete sidewalks or a driveway, you can purchase backhoe attachments that will act as a kind of hydraulic hammer. On the other hand, if you need to drill some holes in the ground for a hole –for a well or for posts or poles– you can purchase an auger. These are like large screws which while rotating will dig a hole for you. You can also purchase clamps and pipe-carrying attachments — you can even change the size of your backhoe bucket, thereby increasing its carrying capacity.

But please be sure to operate your backhoe safely!

When you bring your unit home, read all of the safety materials and operator’s guides thoroughly — ask your dealer if you have any questions about how to use your backhoe. Many dealers will even give you some short lessons and pointers to help you get started, if you have never used a backhoe before.

Just a word about maintenance: whenever you have finished the job, make sure that you clean your equipment thoroughly. If your backhoe has gotten really dirty, you can rent a portable high-powered pressure washer to clean it quickly and thoroughly. You should also take the time to periodically inspect your backhoe, and look for any broken, deformed, misaligned, or broken parts or components — make sure to have these fixed right away.

Whatever your final choice in a backhoe — whether it is an International backhoe, or a John Deere backhoe, or a Woods backhoe — make sure you deal with a reputable dealer, get a good warranty in writing, and learn how to operate your unit properly. If you do these things, your newly-purchased backhoe will give you years and years of trouble-free, useful service.

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