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Did you know that you can purchase a whole range of backhoe attachments to increase the usefulness and versatility of your backhoe?

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Get The Job Done Right — With Useful Backhoe Attachments

So you have purchased a new backhoe — congratulations! But did you know that you can purchase a whole range of backhoe attachments to increase the usefulness and versatility of your backhoe?

Practical Backhoe Attachments:

Slab Lifting Attachment

For example, one of the most practical backhoe attachments for contractors is a slab lifting attachment. This backhoe attachment will allow you to lift and transport any type of slab of concrete — often times allowing you to keep each for concrete section intact! Moving concrete slabs without one of these backhoe attachments can be difficult, if not impossible, to do without breaking the slab and making a mess.

Pipe Lifting Attachment

Another useful type of backhoe attachment is a pipe lifting attachment. These come in several different designs. One type of pipe lifting backhoe attachment looks like a large letter “C” — the pipe is simply hooked on the lower rung. With this type of backhoe attachment, the pipe is lifted horizontally, and can be transported and placed in a horizontal position on the ground or in a pre-dug trench.

Overhead Grabbing Tool

One more useful backhoe attachment is an overhead grabbing tool. These are shaped like crab claws, with two or more grabbing arms, which extend around and clamp over the object to be lifted. This type of backhoe attachment is very useful for lifting irregularly-shaped objects, such as large rocks, junked car parts, etc.

Old Favorites

Of course, when mentioning backhoe attachments, we can’t forget the old favorites: oversize-buckets for lifting, rake backhoe attachments (which are great for moving brush and felled trees around) and snow blades — these are time-honored types of backhoe attachments which can multiply the usefulness of your backhoe.

Backhoe Attachments for Excavation Work:

For those who will need to be doing excavation work, or laying down drainage and irrigation trenches, you can purchase a special-purpose bucket. These are specially-shaped backhoe attachments — shaped like the letter “V”; they will allow you to easily and quickly dig a triangle-shaped ditch or trench.

Another category of backhoe attachments actually allow you to change the functionality of your machine. For example, you can purchase attachable forks for your backhoe which will allow you to lift large pallets and oil drums, much as a forklift would. This can be a great boon to a smaller business, as it will save them the purchase of a separate forklift.

If you are interested in purchasing the latest attachments for your backhoe, you should make sure that the backhoe you purchase includes an Integrated Tool Carrier — a backhoe thus equipped, will allow you to change backhoe attachments relatively quickly and easily.

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