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Choosing Your Backhoe Rental Company -- Some Valuable Do's And Don'ts

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Choosing Your Backhoe Rental Company — Some Valuable Do’s And Don’ts:

For many people — even some businesses — the purchase of a backhoe is just not possible, or perhaps even necessary. For example, some homeowners may only need to rent a backhoe for a short period of time for a yearly yard cleanup. Smaller contractors may only need to use a backhoe occasionally — perhaps for laying a new driveway and sidewalk. In any of these situations, backhoe rental makes much more sense then purchasing one outright.

Of course, when evaluating various backhoe rental companies, you will need to consider the types of models that they have available for rental — will one of those models meet your needs? There is no sense in trying to use, for example, a backhoe that is too small for your planned job just because it is cheaper — backhoe rental decisions should not be made on price alone.

Along with the backhoe models offered, you will also need to take into consideration any available backhoe attachments as well. Some backhoe rental companies will charge extra if you require the backhoe to be outfitted with a special-purpose attachment, so make sure you have a clear breakdown of the rental costs.

Make certain you choose a reliable backhoe rental company from which to rent a backhoe

Another area of concern involves transportation of the unit. How will your rented backhoe be transported to your job site? Will your backhoe rental company transport it for you, or will you be required to transport the backhoe yourself?

As far as the rental charges themselves are concerned, you need to find out if your backhoe rental company charges by the day, the hour, the week, etc. If it will be necessary for your backhoe rental company to transport the unit to your location, will the transportation time be added to the total rental time — or will your rental time begin when the backhoe is delivered?

If you will need to rely on the services of a qualified construction professional to operate your backhoe properly — in case you do not have those skills, or are physically unable to do this job yourself — what will your backhoe rental company charge for this labor? If the labor charge is for a standard workday, will you have to pay an additional charge to your backhoe rental company for overtime? If you must use labor on a weekend or holiday, will you have to pay a premium rate?

As some outdoor or construction-related projects may take longer to complete than initially anticipated, you should make sure that it will not be a problem if you need to extend your backhoe rental period — and make sure you know exactly what additional charges your backhoe rental company will assess in this situation.

Backhoe Rental Liability:

You also need to inquire if your backhoe rental company will require you to be liable for damage to the equipment, or for injury to their employees if you are using them to operate your rented equipment. In general, the very best procedure is to make sure that you get a complete and detailed listing of all possible charges in writing.

It is also important that you secure a signed acknowledgment from the backhoe rental company that their equipment has been returned in satisfactory condition, once you are through using it.

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