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Should you purchase or build your own towable backhoe? Many guys in the construction trades have wondered about it. Find out here!

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Consider Building Your Own Towable Backhoe

Many guys in the construction trades have wondered whether, given the enormous costs of purchasing a towable backhoe, it might be possible to build one from scratch. It is indeed possible to purchase a kit or plan to make your own towable backhoe. I would just like to briefly mention some of the reasons why you might want to do that and some of the benefits to you for doing so.

Learning to Build Your Own Towable Backhoe

Enormous Cost Savings

Perhaps the primary reason for building your own towable backhoe is, of course, the enormous cost savings. Because you will be purchasing the materials and doing the assembly yourself, you stand to save a pretty penny — and the savings can amount to thousands of dollars, as compared to the price of a typical “off the rack” towable backhoe.

The Customization Factor

Another reason for learning to build your own towable backhoe is that you are in total control of your equipment purchases. You are free, for example, to locate and purchase the best quality hydraulic components, at the lowest possible price. This “customization factor” will only serve to increase your bottom-line savings.

Enhanced Components

A third reason for building your own towable backhoe from scratch is that you can include enhanced components — for example, you might wish to install a longer arm, a rotating seat, or a larger lifting bucket — you can make whatever enhancements you wish, something which is not always an option with commercially-built towable backhoes.

Easy Repairs

A fourth reason for tackling this job yourself is that if your towable backhoe requires repair or routine maintenance, you will not have to bear the expense of seeking an outside repair technician — you will know your machine inside out, simply because you will have built your towable backhoe from the ground up!

Equipment Advantage

towable backhoeIf you own property that requires constant attention, you will find that your self-constructed towable backhoe will pay for itself in no time, simply because you will not have the expense of renting one. You might even decide to develop a profitable sideline business, doing small excavation jobs using your towable backhoe — that too, will help your equipment pay for itself in no time.

Towable Backhoe Construction Plans

If you are interested in constructing your own towable backhoe yourself, you can find construction plans for these in many places. Best quality construction plans for towable backhoes will be very detailed, and should include not only assembly instructions, but ideally either illustrations or even photographs of various assembles components, as well as photographs showing your towable backhoe when it has been completely assembled.

Your towable backhoe construction plans should also contain a complete and detailed list of all of the parts that will be required in order to construct the various components — the type of motor needed, the hydraulic assembly, the hoses and fittings, the types of wheels needed, etc.

Some towable backhoe construction plans will even give information on available suppliers where you can go to purchase these components — this is particularly helpful if you don’t have any backhoe dealers located near you.

Nothing beats a Towable backhoe!

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