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To enhance the capabilities of your tractor backhoe, there are a number of different types of hydraulically-powered attachments available today.


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Useful Enhancements For Your Tractor Backhoe

If you only have a tractor backhoe, and you are still only using it to dig simple holes in the ground — shame on you! The fact is, there are a number of different types of hydraulically-powered attachments that are available today, which will enhance the capabilities of your tractor backhoe.

Find all the attachments you need for your tractor backhoe


One type of useful attachment is a tiltrotator. The┬átiltrotator was originally invented in Sweden in the early 1980s. One of the best known brand names of tiltrotators for tractor backhoes is the Rototilt line. You can think of this attachment as a kind of a mechanical “wrist” which fits between the excavator arm and any attached tool.

A Rototilt installed on your tractor backhoe will allow the attached tool to rotate a full 360┬░, tilted — thereby eliminating the need to constantly re-position the backhoe for a different orientation. Currently there are five different Rototilt models offered for sale in the US: the Rototilt RT 20, 30, 40, 60B and 80.

Hydraulic Breaker

Another useful attachment for your tractor backhoe is a hydraulic breaker. You can think of a hydraulic breaker as a rather large and powerful hammer. When attached to your tractor backhoe, it uses hydraulic force to hit and smash objects such as rocks, concrete steps, sidewalks, etc.

The hydraulic breaker makes use of the hydraulic pressure generated by your tractor backhoe, and most models allow the operator to control it through the use of a valve which is operated by foot. You will oftentimes see these units attached to larger-sized tractor backhoes, and used in public demolition work — such as the demolition of bridge decks, concrete highways, pillars, etc.

A Grapple

A third type of useful attachment for your tractor backhoe is a grapple. A grapple is simply a claw-like device which is designed to reach out, lift, and move large objects. Some tractor backhoes are equipped with grappling rakes or buckets that utilize a lever or hook that moves to firmly grab onto the object.

Various multi-purpose buckets can be purchased for your tractor backhoe — these utilize an ingenious system of hinges on the rear and bottom of the bucket. These buckets utilize hydraulic pressure to move the hinged buckets sides to more firmly grip an object.

Tractor Backhoe Auger

A final type of attachment that you can purchase for your tractor backhoe is an auger. These attachments look like a gigantic screw, and when attached to tractor backhoes are commonly used to dig post-holes, poles for telephone or utility poles. You can even use your tractor backhoe to drill holes for outdoor wells and septic systems.

Nothing beats a tractor backhoe!

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